The Union government is thinking about banning private merchants and operators from booking train tickets for travelers, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal told Lok Sabha on Friday.

Answering to a conversation on the demand for grantsof the Railway Ministry, he talked about his service’s crackdown on touts, including captures, and declared that private specialists are never again required when most people can book tickets on mobiles.

Replying in the Lok Sabha to a discussion on the demand for grants of the Railway Ministry, he spoke about his ministry’s crackdown on touts, noting that 5,300 of them, who sold train tickets on the black market, were arrested in the last over one year. Upwards of 884 booking sellers were likewise boycotted.

The touts used to book tickets in large numbers within moments of their availability using certain software’s. Many “illegal” software’s were used to book tickets, he said, adding that tickets worth over Rs 10 crore were cancelled. These software’s were banned and 104 people selling them were arrested as well.

The individuals who need assistance can go to “common service centers” which are controlled by government, he said.

He urged members to spread the word in their respective constituencies to discourage people no to fall prey to illegal operators.

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