Alevant Financial Advisory Services


Alevant Financial Advisory Services

You must have extensive expertise in Digital India initiatives, particularly in the areas of POS, Wallet Systems, and Banking Customer Service. Promote a wide range of products to new and current clients in order to identify and create new business prospects in the B2B/B2C channel.

Ascertain that the brand is visible throughout all of the given initiatives.
Develop and manage new and existing clients by offering high-quality service, as well as exploring and identifying all of their requirements.
Collaboration with cross-functional teams to fix the acquired customer issue, deliver faster resolutions, and increase customer satisfaction.

The job entails understanding B2B sales and pushing Sales & Profit services to small businesses.
Creating and maintaining a network of persons and businesses that might be potential clients.
Working with the persons and companies listed above in order to convert as many of them as possible into potential prospects for our company.
The role is responsible for obtaining new clients in order to expand the company’s revenue.

Our Objetives
To offer a diverse range of products and services in the Financial Services Segment while adhering to the following commitments:

Highest quality standards at an affordable price.
Meeting our clients’ broad and sophisticated financial objectives.
Developing, encouraging, and rewarding our employees’ superior performance.
Our Mission is to invest your money in mutual funds as prudently and safely as if it were our own.


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