Vayam Technologies


Vayam Technologies

Vayam Technologies Ltd. is a multinational technology services company with 45 locations in India. We assist businesses and consumer products in establishing networks and managing their IT infrastructure requirements (whether stand-alone, cloud or mobile-enabled). As part of our future strategy, we’ve partnered with a number of Fortune 100 companies to help them with their business and organizational landscapes. Since our inception in 2001, Vayam has infused our IT services and solutions with the ‘Power of We.’ Our client list includes well-known corporate and government entities from countries including the United States of America, Norway, Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Dubai, and India.

Vayam Technologies provide expertise ranging from enterprise process and technical solution understanding to various management services. A relationship with us can assist in enhancing IT availability and business efficiency – a service that we currently provide customers worldwide. Several factors contribute to our business graph’s growth, including well-equipped technologies, customer empowerment, innovative business development, and organized data. Vayam Technologies is headquartered in the heart of New Delhi, close to the country’s Central Ministries. Additionally, it owns a fully operational development centre in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, a township on the outskirts of Delhi.


Thapar House, 124, Janpath Ln, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

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