IRCTC Agent Registration

Plan & Pricing

IRCTC Agent Registration Fee

Annual Renewal ₹ 600 (from next year)

₹ 1500


OTP Login

Annual Fees

*OTP will be shared on mobile & email.

₹ 600

PG Pack

Annual Fees

*TIQ Service Fee: ₹ 1.18 per PNR

**Get full cash back of PG charge

₹ 40 on AC Class PNR
₹ 20 on Non AC Class PNR

₹ 1800


Commission Calculator

You can compare your commission and net wallet deductions in various plans below.

Kindly enter the ticket fare, select fare type and class and compare.

Enter the Fare & Select Class

Railway counter fare : Basic fare of train ticket as per counter ticket.

Agent E Ticket Fare : Fare Including IRCTC Convenience fee, PG Charge & Agent service charge.

Please select the class of travel to view the net wallet deduction and your commission below.

Fare Details

Ticket Fare**


Agent Charge #

PG Charges

Total Fare

Agent Wallet Debit & Commission​

Plan Name

Plan ₹ 3000

Fee ₹ 3000

Wallet Debit

Agent Wallet Debit & Commission​


Total Fare

Less Railway fare

Less IRCTC C Fee

Less Travel IQ fee

Total debit

Your Net commission

No PG Pack

PG Pack

You can use our commission calculator to compare plan with others.
क्या आपको IRCTC Agent ID में पूरा कमिशन मिल रहा है? | IRCTC agent commission Calculator
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Terms & Conditions
  • Agent will not use IRCTC personal User ID to book tickets for their Customer.
  • Agent will not overcharge the customer over and above the IRCTC Prescribed ticket fare.
  • Agent will not alter the contents of Electronic Reservation Slip (ERS).
  • The agent will not use their mobile number or a single mobile number multiple times in the train ticket bookings.
  • Agent will abide by all the IRCTC Rules and Regulations and the Guidelines laid down for ticket booking/cancellations/refunds etc, by IRCTC/Ministry of Railways from time to time.
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