INDIAN Railways is called the lifeline of India. In the year 2002 IRCTC fully came into operations. 27 tickets were booked on the first day of its formation. Every year nearly 2 crores of people travel through railways. Around 5 Lakhs of tickets are reserved every day.

IRCTC is the most visited website in India and is built by the Centre for Railway Information System(CRIS). IRCTC website is the highest transactional website in the Asia-pacific region in which 31 crore tickets are booked every year.
IRCTC reserves 8% of the tickets through authorized agents. The details of authorized agents are mentioned on its website. The agents have given USB Dongle and are certified to book as many tickets for corporates, businesses, and brands.

Benefits by IRCTC Authorized Agents

IRCTC Authorized agents offer the benefit of booking all types of tickets (Tatkal, Waiting List, RAC). The agent may book tickets through a hassle-free single wallet booking system. The agent provides its clients with a service to book flights as well as train tickets. IRCTC Tejas was the first private train started in May 2017.

At present, IRCTC runs 4 Tejas Express trains:

  • Chennai Egmore – Madurai Tejas Express (22671/22672)
  • Mumbai CSMT – Karmali Tejas Express (22119/22120)
  • Ahmedabad – Mumbai Central Tejas Express (82901/82902)
  • Lucknow – New Delhi Tejas Express (82501/82502)

Besides this, the agent has multiple facilities to book tickets for bus, hotel, holiday and tour packages, e-catering, money transfer, and many more services.
Travel IQ service Private limited is an 11 years old authorized travel agency which provides the benefit of tailormade bookings for its clients from corporate-business and brands. It stands in the top 5 trusted IRCTC Agents in India.
Travel IQ is a Gurgaon based company which has 10000 Customers all over India.

Why is Travel IQ is the most trusted company among our clients?

  •  Trusted Source to Get your Tour Book.
  • Unlimited number of Bookings.
  • Transparent Communication.
  • 24*7 Problem resolution.
  •  Live PNR status 
  • 24*7 live search engine booking system.

Travel IQ understands your priority and takes every opportunity to provide a straightforward service. We give our clients the freedom to choose and cancel their booking without a second thought. We let them enjoy and collect unlimited memories of their journey with a one-stop solution at Travel IQ Services Private Limited.

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