Cancellation of railway reservations

What is the procedure for cancelling railway e-tickets?

Now, e-ticket cancellation is hassle-free and smooth, with the Indian Railways constantly striving to improve train travel.

If you need to cancel your ticket, you won’t have to stand in long queues at the railway station or pay exorbitant travel agent fees. From the comfort of your home, you can cancel an e-ticket online.

Cancellation fees for train tickets

Cancellations of unused reserved tickets made more than 48 hours prior to departure will be
subject to the following cancellation fees:

  • There is a cancellation charge of Rs. 240 + GST for AC First Class/Executive Class tickets.
  • It is mandatory to pay a cancellation fee of Rs. 200 + GST for AC 2 Tier and First Class tickets.
  • There is a cancellation fee of Rs. 180 + GST for AC 3 Tier and AC Chair car tickets.
  • The cancellation fee for Sleeper class tickets is Rs. 120.
  • There is a cancellation fee of Rs. 60 for second-class tickets.
The Indian Railways has set the following rules regarding cancellations and refunds:
  • The cancellation of an e-ticket cannot be made at a railway counter in person. Cancellations can only be made online.
  • For all AC classes, the Indian Railways deducts 25% of the base fare + GST if an e-ticket is cancelled within 48 hours and up to 12 hours before departure. Additionally, the service and transaction charges for booking the tickets are non-refundable.
  • The railways deduct 50% of the base fare + GST applicable for all AC classes if a confirmed ticket is cancelled within 12 hours and up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the train. Additionally, the service charges and transaction fees for booking the tickets are non-refundable.
  • Chart preparation cannot be cancelled after e-tickets are issued. During such circumstances, you may file a TDR. For your convenience, we’ve made it easier to file TDRs by providing you with an in-app option. The IRCTC website allows you to file a TDR and receive an instant refund.
  • The confirmed ticket cannot be refunded if it is not cancelled or the TDR is not filed up to 4 hours before departure.
  • If RAC tickets are not cancelled or TDRs are not filed online up to 30 minutes before train departure, no refunds will be issued.
  • Additionally, Rs. 60/- (per passenger) will be deducted for RAC/waitlisted ticket cancellations.
  • Tatkal tickets cancelled after confirmation will not be refunded.
Steps to cancel train tickets with IRCTC website:
  • Use your User ID and password to log into
  • Click on Booked Ticket History under My Account > My Transactions.
  • You can cancel a ticket by selecting it from the list of booked tickets, scrolling down and clicking Cancel Ticket.
  • You can cancel a ticket for all passengers or specific passengers by checking the box before selecting them and tapping Cancel.
  • To confirm the cancellation, click OK in the pop-up window that appears.

A passenger continuing his or her journey after partial cancellation of the ticket must carry a new printout of the ERS (Electronic Reservation Slip).

Please note: The Indian Railways governs cancellation rules for train tickets. Depending on the train, class, and quota, there may be different rules or cancellation charges.

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