How to become an IRCTC agent

How to become an IRCTC agent is a very vast search question on the internet. There are tons of websites providing information regarding how to become an IRCTC agent. 

But as a Best IRCTC Principal Service Provider, and as we have a direct association with IRCTC, we are providing you the detailed information on how to become an IRCTC agent in a straightforward manner.
Moreover, you can get our live chat help through WhatsApp and Telegram Icons below. Our helpdesk agents will reply to you instantly and clear your doubts and queries for becoming an IRCTC agent.

Note : When you search “How to become an IRCTC agent” on any search engine or Google, you will be shared with many links for IRCTC agent registration. But before getting your registration from anyone, please check & verify the name of that entity in the Authorized Service Providers List below. 

Benefits of IRCTC Agent Registration

As you want to know how to become an IRCTC agent, before that, let us know the benefits of becoming an IRCTC agent.

  • Agents can book an unlimited number of train  e-Tickets through IRCTC agent login.
  • Issue authorized tickets without fear of ticket cancellation
  • IRCTC agents can book General, Tatkal, Waiting List, RAC
  • IRCTC agents commission is Rs.20 on Non AC PNR & Rs 40 on AC Class PNR.
  • Agent name will display on the IRCTC website
  • No trade license is required for a railway agency
  • Your agency details will get printed on the ticket
  • IRCTC Agent gets direct login in the booking portal
  • Railway ticket fare deducted from your wallet; hence ticket is created faster
  • You can become an IRCTC agent through a straightforward process.

Subscription Fee for IRCTC Authorized Booking Agency

Subscription fees or registration fees are the top asked questions for how to become an IRCTC agent, so the answer for the charges of IRCTC agent registration is given below.

Registration charges are

  • ₹ 1,000 one time fees.
  • ₹ 9,00 per year for OTP Charges

There is no renewal charges.

Updated prices as on 14th September 2021*

Commission for Railway Ticket Booking

Another interesting question for “how to become an IRCTC agent” is the consideration given to the IRCTC agent for ticket booking. So the answer to this question is given below.

You will earn service charge as below

For Non AC PNR : Rs 20 per PNR

For AC PNR : Rs 40 per PNR

There is NO PSP convenience fees.

Note: Always check with your PSP for per PNR convenience fees charged by them as that charges are hidden charges to you.

Documents required to become IRCTC agent

Another question in the series of how to become an IRCTC agent is the requirement of documents. Many people think that there is a requirement of a lot of documents to become IRCTC agents. But that is not true. You need only a few documents for IRCTC agent registration.

  1. PAN Card (Not registered in IRCTC personal ID)
  2. Aadhar Card (Mobile number must be updated in your aadhar card)
  3. Mobile Number : ( Should not have been registered with IRCTC)
  4. Valid Email ID : ( Should not have been registered with IRCTC)

Activation Process to become an IRCTC agent

Activation process is another interesting question in the series of how to become an IRCTC agent.

  1. Our team receives Application form, Registration form + Subscription fees.
  2. Online KYC & verification
  3. Account created within 1 hours of KYC.
  4. You are ready for business.

Complementary Services with the account

  1. Rail Reservation-Direct Agent login
  2. Flight Booking –Domestic & International
  3. Tour/Holidays Packages-Domestic & International
  4. Hotel Bookings
  5. Customized Tour Packages – Rail Tours
  6. Dubai Visa
  7. Free all upcoming Services
  8. Digital promotion
  9. Travel Insurance
  10. VISA Assistance

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How to check IRCTC authorised travel agent

After getting all the answers on how to become an IRCTC agent, you need to know where I can check my name in the list of authorized IRCTC travel agents.

You can check for IRCTC authorized travel agents from the following URL NGET Agent List

You can check using your city or pin code.

Detailed answers for IRCTC agent registration questions.

An IRCTC agent login is a particular login ID to book unlimited train tickets through the IRCTC server.

There are two types of agent login.

  1. ICS
    ICS login is provided under the Internet Cafe scheme of IRCTC where agents can directly l.ogin into IRCTC official website as an agent and can book the train tickets. Agents have to use the RDS wallet as a payment option for ticket payments. 
  2. B2B
    Third parties provide B2B login on their websites other than the official website of IRCTC, and you don’t have access to IRCTC official website directly.

These both type of agent login on IRCTC is provided by the Authorized Principal Service Providers of IRCTC.

You can find the list of Principal Service Providers of IRCTC in the below link.

Official List of IRCTC Principal Service Providers

Becoming an IRCTC agent online is a straightforward process. First, the entire registration process is done online.

First, you have to visit here & share your mobile number & email Id, then press next. 

On the next page, you have to upload your PAN CARD, AADHAR CARD & ADDRESS PROOF.

After uploading the documents, you have to pay the registration fees, select your validity period and pay accordingly.

👉 Registration Fees ₹ 1000 

Click here to Registration your IRCTC Agency

Now your Principal Service Provider will forward your details to IRCTC, and you will get an email from IRCTC with your login credentials.

And now you can start booking train tickets on behalf of your customers.

When you become an IRCTC agent, you will be getting many benefits. Some of the benefits are as below.

  • IRCTC Agents can book unlimited train tickets using agent login.
  • IRCTC Agents can get commissions on selling IRCTC tour packages.
  • IRCTC Agents can sell Flights, Hotels & other services of IRCTC and earn on every sale.
  • Legal license to book & sell train tickets using agent login to customers.
  • IRCTC agents can get service charge of Rs 20 on non AC PNR and Rs 40 on AC Class PNR.
  • IRCTC Agent name will appear in the agent list on the official IRCTC website.
  • No separate trade license is required for the railway ticket booking agency.
  • The IRCTC will display your agency name & contact details on the e-tickets booked by you.
  • IRCTC agents can directly login into the IRCTC official booking portal.
  • Train Ticket fare will be deducted through your wallet so you can book the tickets in less time.


An IRCTC agent can earn more than Rs 85,000 per month. However, it all depends upon the number of train tickets, flight tickets, hotel bookings, tour packages & other services booked by the agent in a month.

IRCTC authorized travel agents to wait for 15 minutes after the opening of the tatkal window for the general public.
It means for AC class, PNR tatkal ticket booking will open at 10:15 AM, and for Non AC class, PNR tatkal ticket booking will open at 11:15 AM.

IRCTC agents can book the tickets from 12:15 AM up to 11:45 PM. However, it means agents cannot issue the e-tickets in the night from 11:45 PM TO 12:15 AM, which is only 30 minutes when agents cannot use the IRCTC website.

IRCTC agents can book an unlimited number of train tickets per month. Still, there is a limitation in the tatkal quota: you can reserve only one tatkal PNR per train per day, and the Premium Tatkal quota is not allowed to travel agents.

IRCTC agents can use their agent login on any computer or mobile device.
But the computer must have at least Windows 10 installed, and the mobile should be of the latest version.

IRCTC agent login can be of one year, three years, and ten years validity period.
Agent login validity depends upon you that at what validity period you have initially registered with IRCTC.
But upon expiration of validity, you can again renew for one year, three years, or ten years validity.

Due to advancements in technology, you can become IRCTC authorized travel agent only 1 hour after your documentation is completed.
Earlier it was three working days when principal agents are using old technology.

Yes, you can use your mobile phone to book train tickets using your IRCTC agent login, but your mobile phone must be having the latest updates installed by your phone manufacturer.

Yes, every agent is being provided with the proper training for booking train tickets using agent login.
For that purpose, you have to provide us the remote desktop access to your computer as all the training sessions are online.

No GST number is not compulsory to become an IRCTC agent. You just need a PAN CARD, AADHAR CARD & OFFICE ADDRESS PROOF.

Releasing a PAN card from IRCTC personal login ID is very simple process.

You have to just login into your IRCTC personal ID, from there click on My Account and then goto My Profile, there you will find release PAN option.

Release PAN card from irctc personal id
Release PAN card from irctc personal id

If your mobile number is already registered with IRCTC in any agent or personal ID, then you cannot use the same number again without releasing the number from the old ID. To release the mobile number you again have to login with your old ID and then update my profile with any other number and your old number will be released.

IRCTC doesn’t allow to use the email ID already registered with IRCTC, so you have to share an email ID which is not registered with IRCTC before.

You can provide any Government recognized address proof for IRCTC agent registration.

Some are as below.

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Electricity Bill
  3. Utility Bill
  4. GST certificate
  5. Voter ID
  6. Driving Licence
  7. Bank Pass Book
  8. Rent Agreement etc….

No, there is no such requirement of Business registration for IRCTC agent registration, you can get IRCTC agent login without any business name also. It means you can register as an agent by your personal name also.

As there are many people in INDIA who are willing to become an IRCTC agent, so IRCTC alone is not able to process these so many agent registration applications, so IRCTC have appointed Principal Service Providers (PSP) for this job.

Every person willing to register as an IRCTC agent have to approach the PSP, submit the documents, pay the fees and get the registration done. Moreover agents also have to use the RDS wallet of PSP for the payment of ticket fare on IRCTC website as IRCTC does not offer their payment gateway directly to the agents.

There is no such option or provision to become the IRCTC agent directly through IRCTC website, every person willing to become an IRCTC agent have to approach one of the PSP and only PSPs are authorized to appoint IRCTC agents on behalf of IRCTC.

RDS means a Rolling Deposit System wherein Rolling Deposit Accounts (RDS Account) are created in the IRCTC ticketing system in the name of PSP by IRCTC for depositing the amount in advance by PSP to book IRCTC reserved rail e-tickets, as per requirement.
And all the agents appointed by the respective PSP will use the same wallet to book their tickets from IRCTC.

There are many benefits of using the RDS wallet.

  1. IRCTC will print the PG charges on the e-ticket which agent can collect from the passenger
  2. Ticket bookings are faster as using RDS wallet don’t need any OTP or other authentication for final payments
  3. In an emergency, your PSP can provide you credit limits also.

You can recharge your wallet by online transfer using UPI or any other payment method. Your wallet will be recharged instantly and you don’t need to put any approval request.

How to become an IRCTC agent?

So, in summary, anyone can become an IRCTC agent. One needs a PAN Card, Aadhar Card, and valid address proof along with one unregistered mobile number and one unregistered email ID with IRCTC. The process is as simple as buying something online from any e-commerce website.
Anyone can become an authorized IRCTC agent in just 1 hour if he properly fills the form and uploads the documents.
The income of an IRCTC travel agent depends upon the sales and marketing skills of the individual. Anyone can earn up to 1 lakh per month from the travel agency business.