The ministry recently detected that certain chief loco inspectors were being paid less than their juniors7th Pay Commission Latest News: The Ministry of Railways has detected a huge flaw in salary being paid to a section of its employees. The move will benefit all the loco pilots who were promoted to chief loco inspectors before January 1, 2016.

The Ministry had recently detected that all these loco pilots were getting lower salary than even those junior officers who joined Indian Railways after the said date, despite being promoted to chief loco inspectors.

The Railway Board has explained the reason behind this anomaly. This, the board says, happened as while the junior staff got benefit from the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC), their seniors remained untouched by it. The salary of the seniors will now be increased, reportedly, by thousands of rupees.

Under the 7th Pay Commission, the salary of the Loco Inspector was fixed at Rs 74000/month while that of the Chief Loco Inspector was fixed at Rs 78000/month. The salary of Loco Pilot Mail/Express, meanwhile, was fixed at Rs 74000/month while basic pay of a loco pilot passenger/motorman was Rs 65000/month.

The development comes just days after the Ministry gave ‘festive cheer’ to another section of employees, i.e, those working at its workshops and production units. Accepting recommendations of the 7th CPC, the Ministry announced that it was doubling the incentive bonus of the said employees.

The 7th CPC was constituted in February 2014 to review the principles and structure of emoluments of all central government civilian employees including the defence forces. It submitted its report to the government in November 2015.

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