Here in the Bay Area, InsureMyTrip.Com says younger travelers are the predominant buyers from its website; 45 percent of San Francisco buyers are between 21 and 40 years old. Nationwide, the number is about half that.

And when we buy is different too, says, a travel insurance comparison site.

“Bay Area travelers are procrastinators when it comes to buying travel insurance,” says Ronni Kenoian of “So, we typically see our customer buy travel insurance 120 days before the day of their departure, meaning the day they leave on the trip, but Bay Area travelers buy it within a week.”

Buying late can cost you.

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Jenny East is visiting San Francisco from the U.K. She says she always buys coverage and one time, she needed it.

“It was awful,” she told 7 On Your Side’s Michael Finney. “It was really difficult to claim on, yeah.”

Why? Well in large part because she made the purchase just days before traveling.

“I was due to fly to Sri Lanka and I had an attack of appendicitis about three days before I was going to fly, and I had just renewed my insurance a couple days before that,” she says. “So when I went to claim they thought I was being a bit fraudulent, which I wasn’t. So I had to go get all the medical records; it took me a good six months, I think.”

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A hassle, for sure, but there is more to it than that. Buying travel insurance early gives you protection before your departure date and it usually costs no more. It is like extra coverage for free.

If you want “cancel for any reason” coverage, then most policies require early purchase.

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