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Kuala Lumpur Terminal Change For INDIGO

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KUL Terminal Change

Frequently Asked Question for KUL Terminal Change:-

Q.1 Which Flights are going to be operate from KUL International Airport (KLIA)?

All 6E scheduled flights to or from KUL will operate from KUL International Airport (KLIA).

Q.2 When are the operations being shifted to KLIA?

Operations will be shifted from 29th March 2020.

Q.3 Is IndiGo provide any transfer any kind of transfer facility from KLIA to KLIA Terminal 2 and vice versa?

IndiGo will not provide transfer facility, Kuala Lumpur airport has its own shuttle service, for more information you may visit:

Q.4 I have an onward flight from KLIA Terminal 2, do I need a Transit Visa?

The passengers have to hold valid visa to switch between the KLIA and KLIA Terminal 2.

Q.5 Should I have to take a new print out of the ticket?

In case your airport terminal has been changed, kindly print out the new itinerary that reflects it.

Q.6 Can I have a Map of Terminal location?


Q.7 Is there lounge services are available at KLIA?

Yes, they are available on payment basis.

Q.8 Are there any eating outlets or food courts available at Kuala lumpur?

Yes, There are various food courts and eating outlets available at KLIA

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