Role and benefits of Digital Signature certificate

Role and benefits of Digital Signature certificate(Dongle) in IRCTC e-ticketing.

The idea of the Digital Signature Certificate has been introduced to make booking reservations easier and safer for IRCTC authorized travel agents.

This blog will cut down your confusion on what is M-Token, DSC or M dongle.

Though all mean the same thing but generally Dongle is a physical device in which Digital signature certificate is the software that authenticates the travel agent identity on irctc website.

The Digital Signature Certificate(DSC) verifies your identity through software. It provides a degree of security for your internet banking transactions by guaranteeing the complete privacy and security shared using a digital certificate.

When travel agents or any person interested in opening its travel business goes through the verification process by irctc. After the KYC and video verification step and submission of IRCTC agent registration fees , within 24hours the Digital signature certificate is created and issued via courier service on his address.

When a travel agent receives an Individual class 3 digital signature certificate , the next step is to login to irctc website and verifies the authenticity of the digital certificate through an application. After authentication of DSC(Digital Signature Certificate), the travel agent can book any number of tickets for its customers. 

DSC is a software that comes in a physical pen drive like device, called Dongle that needs to connect with your laptop and that will further enable you to connect to IRCTC website. The Digital signature certificate validity is 2 years.

The Digital Signature Certificate enables you to do digital investment needed to conduct money transfers in a highly encrypted format, ensuring complete privacy for the data you would like to exchange. 

It makes your trustable identity in the digital world where the agent can share information to the selected recipients.

The range of benefits provided by Digital Signature Certificates

  • Reliable and authentic online transactions.
  • Maintain ownership rights for a domain.
  • Filing tax returns, accessing e-Tenders, signing web applications and web pages—-without having to rely on user id and password.
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