Air India flight

Air India flight over North Pole from Delhi to San Francisco on August 15. Details here

Air India flight will soon become the first Indian airline to fly over the North Pole while connecting New Delhi and North America

The air india flight over the Polar region will take flight on the nation’s Independence Day, August 15, 2019 and will fly from New Delhi to San Francisco.The flight, according to the airline, will pilote by Capt Rajneesh Sharma and Capt Digvijay. This will be one big achievement for the civil aviation in India as none of the Indian airlines.
According to the airline, passengers will benefit from the reduce flight times. The airline by conserving fuel, After that, reduce travel times, improve aircraft utility and reduce carbon emission.
The fuel savings are expected be in the region of 2000 kgs to 7000 kgs on these routes. The resultant decrease in carbon emission of 6000 kg to 21000 kg, per flight.

Similarly, The flight path over the North Pole though comes with unique opportunities, it also presents unique challenges. Area of Magnetic Unreliability, limited choice for diversion alternate airports, solar radiation, fuel freezing and passenger. Aircraft retrieval in case of diversion are some of those factors.

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