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Damaging visa delays.

`Immigration visa delays could be costing this country hundreds of millions of dollars.
At the same time, the delays are contributing to stress and labour shortages for employers,
disruption for potential immigrants and heartache for families.
`In all of this, New Zealand appears like a third-world country as its immigration service fails to do its job.
Apart from the particulars of thousands of individual cases, this country’s reputation suffers.
`The issues have been mounting over the past year, and Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and the Government have come up with explanations.
But, whatever the causes, a timely, efficient and effective immigration system is essential for all concerned.
`Little, isolated New Zealand cannot afford such headwinds to its economic performance. Governmental functions,
including those for local authorities, must work well if this country is to earn its way in the world and prosper.

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